Me & My Story

Since the dawn of the time, humans have tried to conquer the time by leaving traces of their passions, civilizations and deepest desires, be it leaving paintings on the cave walls or building towering temples. However, to  stand out and be remembered through the currents of time, one must be different than general.

We pursue the same path, leaving our trace in time by our difference. To achieve that, we create ourselves a story. We weave our story onto our hand-made products by our different and unique designs and patterns.

We search continuously for new trends and best materials to expand, enrich and strengthen our story, so that it can withstand the forgetfulness of time. By combining elegance and fashion, we aim to shine amongst others.

Result of all these efforts is Me & My. It is our story. Come and join this story by adding your own. By that you can say:

It is Me & My Story.
It is Me & My Style.

It is Me & My Suede.